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Author: Alex Bueno

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Ragusa, Italy

Ragusa is the meeting point between Baroque and popular culture. A meeting that created a special architectural style, made of anthropomorphic deformed masks with grotesque expressions, fantasy animals, pretty putto angels, and horns of plenty filled with fruit. It is a city that can be discovered and to fall in love with.

Ragusa is made up of two separate centers: the old part, called Ragusa Ibla is the low part while the more modern part is higher up. The two towns are separated by the Valle dei Ponti, a deep, disturbing gorge that is crossed by four bridges that connect Ragusa Ibla to the town higher up.

In the fertile area of Sicily, many typical products are grown, such as the famous, sweet grape "Uva Italia" and many types of olives. The tonda di Iblea, the moresca and the nocellara etnea are all olives that produce a different type of extra-virgin olive oil.

The area surrounding Ragusa is the only one where carobs are grown. Carob trees are part and parcel of the landscape. This type of fruit, introduced into Italy by the Arabs, produces “carcao” used to make candy, liquor and flour for cakes. Honey is also a typical product of the province of Ragusa, especially the honey that comes from the Iblei Mountains.



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Download Guide Ragusa:
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