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Ragusa Shopping, Italy

Ragusa is famous for its embroidery and in particular the "sfilato siciliano" (Sicilian threadwork), a special embroidery technique started up at the end of the XIV century in Eastern Sicily. Sfilato siciliano is still used today to make matrimonial bed and dining linen and is carried out on linen fabric with fine threads.

Another technique used in the area is "filet" started up in France, which later spread to Ragusa. Filet consists of creating a net of knots (fisherman style) and then creating a design by placing the net on a frame.

Beautiful fabrics can be bought in the shops in Ragusa, decorated with filet, and also tablecloths, towels and linen sheets worked with the sfilato siciliano style.

Are you interested in food souvenirs? Many rural farmhouses in Ragusa and the area sell typical, healthy produce such as delicious homemade preserves, tasty cheese and salami. If you go to Modica for a trip, you will be able to buy a real delicacy, that you can take home as a present or keep for yourselves: the famous, authentic Modica chocolate that can be bought in delicious bars in all the confectioners in Ragusa.


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Download Guide Ragusa:
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