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Syracuse Churches And Museums, Italy

Baroque masterpieces that stand on the remains of ancient temples and churches

The “Duomo” (Cathedral)
The cathedral in Syracuse was built on the Ortigia Island on top of the remains of a Doric temple that dated back to the 5th century B.C. The building contains influences from various cultures within its wall: Greek, Byzantine, Arabic and Norman. The main façade was rebuilt in Baroque style after the earthquake in 1693.

Church of Santa Lucia
This church stands on the sight where, so the legend goes, Siracusa’s patron saint was martyred. The church was built in the Byzantine period (6th century A.D.) but the Church underwent several changes, especially after the earthquake. It is possible to admire the wooden ceiling with painted beams inside the building.

Church of San Giovanni
This church was built in the 6th century and was the Cathedral of Syracuse for a long period. Only the remains of the columns now remain from the original building. The church underwent several changes over the centuries and the main façade was completely rebuilt in Baroque style after the 1693 earthquake. It is possible to enter the San Giovanni Catacombs from the church.


The most interesting museums for discovering this city’s history and culture

Papyrus Museum
The area of Syracuse is the only one in Italy where papyrus grows and for this reason there just has to be a museum dedicated to this rare plant in the city. The museum contains ancient papyruses, some of them dating back to the 15th century B.C. It is also possible to see many objects made from this plant, and a collection of materials that were once used by the Egyptian scribes.

Bellomo Regional Museum
This museum is situated in the heart of Ortigia, in Palazzo Bellomo, and houses several works of medieval and modern art including the famous painting by Caravaggio entitled "Seppellimento di Santa Lucia".

Regional Archeological Museum
This important museum houses some interesting archeological finds and various works of art including pottery, theater masks, marble and other decorations, that bear witness to the pre-history and proto-history of Sicily. The most ancient objects date back to the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze ages.


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Download Guide Syracuse:
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