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Syracuse, Italy

Syracuse, a city with a glorious past that was a worthy rival of Athens, Carthage and Rome for winning over domination of the island, is today one of the most interesting cities in Sicily, the cradle of theatre and a fantastic monument to Baroque style.

Syracuse (Siracusa in Italian) stands on the East coast of Sicily, next to the clear blue sea and with two famous rivers, the Ciane and the Ananapo. Poets and writers, from Cicero to D’Annunzio were inspired by the beauty of this place and by the legends linked to this area.

The Island of Ortygia is the oldest part of Syracuse, a charming place to discover by walking round its typical lanes and where most of the museums and historical buildings can be found:
  • Via delle Maestranze, this road crosses right through the Isle of Ortigia, starting from Piazza Archimede and going as far as the sea. It is lined with wonderful palaces that once belonged to the Siracusa aristocracy;
  • Piazza Archimede is surrounded by palaces that tell the city’s history, from the middles ages up to the present day. The fountain of Diana can be admired in the center of the square, a fountain that tells the legend of the nymph Aretusa.
  • Aretusa Fountain This is one of the city’s greatest tourist attractions. Over the centuries it inspired poets and writers such as Virgil and Ovid, André Gide and Gabriele D’Annunzio, fascinated by the legend that is linked to this place. The story goes that Alpheus, son of Oceanus, fell madly in love with the nymph Aretusa, the Goddess Artemides’ handmaid. The nymph did not share his feelings. To save her, Artemides turned her into a water source but Zeus also turned Alpheus into a river, allowing him to meet up with Aretusa.



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Download Guide Syracuse:
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