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Guide of Egadi Islands, Italy

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Egadi Islands, Italy

The Egadi are three distant islands, a few thousand meters from the coast of Trapani. You can arrive there in a few minutes thanks to the many connections from the port of Trapani, yet just visiting the Egadi, one feels far away from everything, immersed in a pristine environment of rare beauty. These islands are a little outside of time, where the tourist can abandon themselves happily to the rhythm of life so different from their own.

Connections to the Egadi Islands: The islands of Egadi can be reached from Trapani or Marsala, with two different ship companies:

  • Siremar connects the Egadi Islands by ferry (for automobiles) or hydrofoil leaving from Trapani.
    Call Center 892 123 (Daily 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. except holidays) From cell phones or abroad +39.081.8449297. E-mail:
  • Ustica Lines makes numerous daily trips by hydrofoil from Trapani or Marsala to Favignana, Levanzo and Marittimo
    Information and reservations: tel. 0923 873813 - fax 0923 593200 -

Where to stay: The Egadi islands offer different arrangements depending on your needs and your budget. There is a moderate choice of hotels and tourist villages, with various degrees of comfort, services and prices. For those who want to abandon themselves to the enchantment of the island for a longer period, we advise you to rent a vacation house or apartment, ideal for a relaxing family vacation. With a smaller budget, one can opt for an bed-and-breakfast, or a guesthouse in the Egadis, while campers will find some quality campgrounds at Favignana.

The local cuisine

Obviously, in Egadi, fish is the unrivaled king of gastronomy. Grouper, white bream, mullet, and naturally tuna, the true delicacy of the islands. In the many restaurants and trattorias of Favignana, you can sample an infinite number of recipes based on this prized fish: rigatoni with tuna ragout, fish balls in tomato sauce, oven-baked with onion, or in honey garlic sauce, not to mention the succulent spaghetti with tuna caviar (eggs) called bottarga.

In Favignana in particular, you must try the "couscous", a dish of clear Arab origins, prepared, however, with shrimp or the delicious fish of this sea.

Dulcis in fundo… the typical sweet of Egadi is "cassatedde," made of fried ravioli stuffed with ricotta and chocolate chips and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar.


The most coveted souvenirs of Favignana are gastronomical, especially tuna. Here, in fact, the prized "Red Tuna" is caught; almost all of the fish are bought by Japanese businesses, and only a limited amount of the product remains for local consumption.

In Favignana you will find a variety of tuna products: Tuna caviar (salted and dried eggs); Tunnina (tuna in brine); Scapece (boiled tuna, ready for canning); Mosciame (smoked salted tuna); Ficazza (Tuna sausage).

In addition to tuna, you can purchase a variety of typical Sicilian sweets or the delicious Egadi honey.

Photos: courtesy of APT Trapani


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