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Guide of Valle Di Fassa, Italy

Valle Di Fassa, Italy

The name Fassa is thought to derive from Latin and refers to "fascia", that is the strip of cultivated land on the valley bottom. The name recurs with the same meaning in many of the sorrounding valleys. The annexation of Rhaetia (from Rhaetians the name that the Roman historians gave to the peoples settled in the Alpine region north of Verona and Como) to the Roman Empire led to the spread of the Latin language among the indigenous population. Vulgar Latin, brought by the Roman soldiers and merchants, underwent a change over the centuries, developing into what is called Rhaeto-Romance or the Ladin language. There is evidence to suppose that in the past there was a vast area of Ladin culture which stretched from the head of the Rhine to Trieste and from the Danube to Lake Garda.

Ladin is a Romance language like italian, French, Catalan, etc. with its original and distincitve features. Today, it is made up of a number of local dialects which together share a sufficeint number of features to form one linguistic system. If you want to know more about this visit or contact the Ladin Cultural Institute at Vigo di Fassa in the old centre of San Giovanni.

To testify its past of this valley there are unique, tiny, but not less beautiful, churches such as: San Giovanni, a typical example of alpine gothic architecture, Santa Giuliana at Vigo, San Vigilio at Moena, etc. Obviously no monument can compete with what the nature gave to this land: its mountains of incomparable beauty...

In winter, the Val di Fassa means first and foremost skiing, but it is also an enchanting place bursting with natural wonders, fun and cultural interest. While nature is sleeping under the snow, fun runs wild on the slopes by day and in the pubs and discos by night: an unforgettable holiday among the most beautiful mountains in the world.

In summer the Dolomits in Val di Fassa take hold of you and draw you in. It is an explosion of energy and colours, all emotions to live and discover. The attraction of King Laurino's realm changes daily and displays a fantastic kaleidoscope: the widest range of sporting activities, nature and leisure, grand events and shows, promotions. In the valley there is continual excitement from the sweet-sounding environment: a pot-pourri of smells and flavours, views, the music over which preside the unchallenged kings, and rocky peaks of rare beauty: Catinaccio, Sella, the Monzoni, Marmolada, queen of the Dolomites.

A unique scenario, and thus unmistakable, just as the hospitality and generosity of the Fassa Ladins are unique. And in summer the tradition continues: you arrive as guests and leave as friends.

During summer, Val di Fassa shares with other valleys an unique event in the whole Alps: The Sounds of the Dolomites. It is a high mountain music festival organised by the local Tourist Board. It unites the passion for music and mountains, art and the environment in a cycle of mountain concerts and walks, in the name of freedom and love for nature. International music celebrities paricipate in the festival: Uto Ughi, London Brass, Mario Brunello, Richard Galliano, Giovanni Sollima, etc.

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