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Florence Entertainment And Nightlife, Italy

To get to know Florence, and to fully understand the multi-faceted spirit of this city, you need to do more than visit the museums, see the churches, palaces and monuments. You will understand the true essence of Florence if you mix with the local people, trying to live like they do for one day only. A day full of study and work commitments and of free time. How do the Florentines enjoy themselves? Where do they go to have a good time? Our guide to Florence will take you on a journey to discover Florence night life, full of music, cocktails and lightheartedness.

First of all, let’s talk of the meeting places that Florentines go to, where they get to know each other, socialize, drink an aperitif and organize their nights out. At a certain time in the evening, some areas of Florence, like any other city, are invaded by hundreds of people. It's cocktail hour and in Florence, as in every city, certain areas are invaded by a multitude of people, young and old. Every evening, especially Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the Lungarno is literally taken by assault, crowding the numerous pubs and wine bars in the area.

For the second half of the evening, the Florentines all head to some of the clubs in the city. Which one depends on what day of the week it is.

On Saturdays, Tenax is quite the hot spot, offering live music and DJ sets by international artists.  The wine bar with its soft chill-out music is the perfect place to end a wild night.

A famous club in Florence is Yab, which has been known since 1966 as the "8 Club". It is very busy on a Monday evening, the day dedicated to hip-hop music.

You can dine at Otel Varieté while enjoying live performances by comedians, singers, acrobats, ballet dancers, actors and impersonators. Brilliant cabaret shows followed by a night on this venue's dance floor, now

Non conventional people will favor Central Park, which has recently become a reference point for the fashion world: fashion shows organized by famous Made in Italy designers are often held here, in fact.

Let’s end with a club that is considered by all to be a forerunner: Jaragua, the first Latin American only club that opened in Italy, a trend that then spread like wild fire.


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Download Guide Florence:
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