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Rocco, hotel manager, age 58 - continue >>

What adjective would you choose to describe Florence?
Just one adjective to describe Florence? Not enough!

Antonella, hotel manager, age 41 - continue >>

What adjective would you choose to describe Florence? And its people?
Florence is a "magical" city due to the artistic beauty it offers.

Massimo, manager and photographer, age 44 - continue >>

What city event or tradition can't a good native of Florence miss?
Most probably the "Scoppio Del Carro"...

Andrea, business planner, age 34 - continue >>

What habit or custom can't a native of Florence do without?
A joke!

Gianni, publishing house clerk, age 42 - continue >>

What are the three things, as a native of Florence, you most love about your city? As a native of Florence I love to walk along the river banks at sunset...

Maria, tour guide, age 42 - continue >>

Can you think of a place in Florence that provides a unique or captivating view of the city? Certainly. The best views are from Piazzale Michelangelo,


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