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Guide of Grosseto Itineraries Grosseto and Maremma : the Islands of Giglio Giannutri, Italy

Grosseto Grosseto And Maremma : The Islands Of Giglio Giannutri, Italy

This itinerary will take you from Monte Argentario to the two southernmost island of the Tuscan Archipelago, Giglio and Giannutri.


The itinerary can be covered in two days but you will probably be so swept up by the beauty of these places that you will decide to stay longer to enjoy the splendid sea or go diving. In fact, these are considered some of the most important and spectacular sea bottoms of Italy. You can choose from a list of hotels on Giglio Island or stay in a comfortable Giglio bed & breakfast.


Ferries and boats depart from Porto Santo Stefano on the Argentario on a regular schedule operated by Maregiglio and Toremar companies.


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