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Elba Island, Italy

Blessed by a deep blue sea that has maintained the magical transparency of yore, the Island of Elba is a true corner of paradise that is easily accessible and removed from the crowded beaches filled with hoards of vacationers. Discovering Elba means becoming acquainted with its lush green Mediterranean vegetation, long golden beaches, hidden coves and spectacular cliffs. Exploring Elba brings its visitors in contact with ancient mines and tiny Medieval hamlets, savoring a traditional cuisine that is rich in authentic flavors, and enjoying the greenery of its forests, while indulging in your favorite sports activities in absolute relaxation.

Defined as the queen of the Tuscan Archipelago, and situated very close to the Tuscan mainland, Elba offers 150 km of coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea; a sea that changes color with every inlet and cove, breaks onto white cliffs, softly invades broad sandy shorelines, and to the north merges with the sinuous recesses of tall precipices, lapping silently onto pebbled beaches. The Island of Elba is the promised land of mountain bikers, a veritable paradise for scuba divers, an "infinite trail" for hikers, an ideal destination for sports lovers and anyone looking for an exciting vacation, surrounded by the fragrances of its luxuriant nature and spectacular landscape.

 A visit to Elba brings with it the pleasures of fine food, thanks to its simple yet flavorful specialties, in which creativity prevails in combining fish and vegetables. Local traditional dishes feature specialties such as Stoccafisso alla Riese, black cauliflower soup, boiled octopus, Gurguglione, Sburrita and Schiaccia Briaca. A total of seven wines of Elba bear the DOC (Denomination of Origin) appellation, a well rewarded recognition of its ancient winemaking tradition, apparent in the stone walls which mark off the vineyards today, dating back to 3000 years ago!


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