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Pisa Eating And Drinking, Italy

There are lots of firstcourse soup dishes during the winter months, which are always accompanied by slices of stale bread: really tasty bean or farro soup, Pappa al Pomodoro and Pisan style cabbage soup, while lots of fish soups derive from the sea. Another typical dish is panzanella, a poor man’s dish based on stale bread, tomatoes and onion. Pastadishes worth a mention include Pappardelle with duck or hare sauce. pallette, little balls of polenta in meat sauce, are also really tasty.

Pisan cuisine incorporates lots of types of meat. You can taste typical Pisan beef, wild boar with olives, lamb fricassee, rabbit and lots of game: hare, pheasant, deer and wild boar, prepared in various ways.
Obviously, fish is also very much present: there is lots of dried cod, which you can eat “alla Pisana”, fried or in a sweet and sour sauce. The coastal stock farms provide eels, mussels and clams; the Cozze Ripiene, mussels filled with secret ingredients, are excellent. Try them and you’ll believe us!

Desserts are based on the traditions of the poor and are based on dried fruit, such as Castagnaccio based on chestnuts, Pinolata with pine nuts, Torta Pisana, Torta coi Bischeri, full of chocolate and pine nuts, and lastly, oil and wine biscuits.



the land around Pisa, as in the rest of Tuscany, produces great DOC and IGT wines. The main names are: Chianti delle Colline Pisane, Bianco Pisano di San Torpé, Rosso Toscano and Montescudaio; the latter is available in white, red and Vin Santo. Vin Santo is an excellent passito wine which goes does down well with Cantucci dry, almond biscuits.


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Download Guide Pisa:
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