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Author: Gio Ferre

Veneto Eating And Drinking, Italy

Veneto cooking is marked by the variety of recipes made with vegetables grown in the region fish and meat. All simple ingredients, with rich flavors closely linked to the seasons. These are the essentials points of this region’s cooking.

Each town has its own traditional dishes: there are the famous sardee in saor in Venice, Treviso’s recipes based on its own radicchio, roasted capon in Padova, zuppa scaligera in Verona, baccalà alla vicentina in Vicenza and many more too.

Veneto’s wine deserve a whole section of their own, especially the ones made in the Trevigiano and Veronese areas. The Prosecco Wine Route, that links the borough of Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, is near Treviso. This 33km long route winds through the Treviso hills, with wineries, wine cellars and typical trattorias along the way.

Full-bodied red wines are more typically from Verona's area: this province is home to Valpolicella and the precious Amarone, which is considered to be the Barolo from the north east. Last but not least on this journey through the Veneto region’s food and wine we must remember the pretty town of Bassano, where the famous Grappa di Bassano is made.


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