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Guide of Euganean Spas, Italy

Author: parco colli

Euganean Spas, Italy

The Euganean Spas are well known both in Italy and in Europe for their hyperthermal mineral waters containing sodium chloride, sodium bromide and sodium iodide. The hot springs supply thermal water at 87° C to 108 spa hotels in the spa towns of Abano, Montegrotto and Galzignano. The springs make the outdoor pools enjoyable even in winter and offer all-year-round thermal treatments and spa tourism.

Euganean Hills (Colli Euganei), of volcanic origin, rise gently out of the surrounding plain like backs of sleeping dinos. Next to the woods of age-old oaks, hazels, walnut-trees, delicate Mediterranean maquis, they present wide terraced slopes with fruit trees and grapevines. In 1989, The Regional Park of Euganean Hills was created covering an area of around 19,000 square hectares and 15 villages.

Colli Euganei offer beautiful artistic and natural routes. "Atestino trail" starts in Arquà Petrarca, a picturesque medieval village that inspired great Italian poet Petrarch's latest verses, and goes on a wide ring touching the peaks of Mount Orbieso (330 m asl), Mount Fasolo (289 m asl) and Mount Rusta (396 m asl). Botany lovers have the chance to marvel at rare orchid species in the shade of chestnut trees. The blooming of the almond trees in the spring is also well worth seeing.

The 15th Century brought the Euganean Hills a season of refined beauty and artistic flowering that finds its uppermost expression in the Venetian Renaissance villas. Architects as Andrea Palladio, Gian Maria Falconetto, and Andrea della Valle contributed to the design, sculpture, and ornamentation of the dwellings of the most powerful Veneto families outside the city gates. The results are seen in the Villa Papafava in Frassanelle, Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio, Villa dei Vescovi (also known as Villa Olcese) in Luvigliano, and many architectural jewels that adorn the gently rolling Euganean Hills.

Contents and images are courtesy of Consorzio Terme Euganee


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