Venice : Villa tour along the Brenta Riviera

Guide of Venice Itineraries Venice : Villa tour along the Brenta Riviera, Italy

Author: Nozio

Venice Venice : Villa Tour Along The Brenta Riviera, Italy

In the period running between the 16th and the 18th centuries, some of the most important families from Venice had their summer residences built on the Riviera that runs alongside the Brenta River, a waterway that connects Venice to Padua. The most famous architects and painters of the period, such as Palladio and Tiepolo, were hired to create what was to become the symbol of the aristocratic families grandeur and wealth: the Venetian Villas. Andrea Palladio created a type of architectural building that brought together Classical elements copied from the villas of the Roman Empire era and original characteristics such as the barchessa, a kind of annex that stood alongside the central part of the building.

Our itinerary includes all the most beautiful Venetian villas and can be completed in a one-day, morning to evening trip that will eventually take you back to the hotel in Venice that you have chosen. If you happen to have more time on your hands and you want to take longer visiting these Palladian masterpieces, you can choose from one of the several hotels or bed & breakfasts on the Brenta Riviera as your base and divide this itinerary into several days.

How to get there:

By car: from Venice or Mestre take road SR 11 to Padova (Padua). Drive along the Brenta River passing all of its localities.
By bus: from Venice (Piazzale Roma bus terminal) take line 53E to Padova (service every 15 minutes). The bus route runs all along the Brenta Riviera.


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