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Verona Interesting Facts, Italy

Dante Alighieri
A first stay around 1304, then, during his exile, other five years, from 1313 to 1318, at the court of Cangrande I from Verona. Dante found Verona to be a peaceful refuge, where he thought of and drafted the last passes of his Divine Comedy. Cangrande I's hospitality was so great that Dante dedicated a piece in his Divine Comedy to him, in Paradise.

Juliet and Romeo
"Come see the Capulets and Montagues,
The Philippeschi and Monaldi! man who car'st for nought!:
those sunk in grief, and these with dire suspicion rack'd"
(Divine Comedy, Purgatory, VI, 105, Dante)

The love story between Romeo and Juliet, opposed by their respective families, is a timeless piece, an emblem of a love that conquers hate and passes over death, a symbol of peace in a war-stricken land.
There is bad blood between the Montagues and the Capulets. Any excuse is good to keep the rivalry up between the two families. Verona has no power over the continuous fights. Juliet Capulet is supposed to marry a young noble man from verona, Paride, but she does not love him. The wedding is near and her unhappy destiny seems to be written, when, at a ball, she meets Romeo Montague and the two fall in love. It seems the beginning of a wonderful love story but, during a fight between Romeo and Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, Mercutio, Romeo's best friend, is wounded and dies. The young Montague is overcome by anger is killes Tybalt for revenge, but , for this reason, he is then exiled. In the meantime, Juliet, to escape from her undesired marriage, drinks a potion that will make her seem dead. The plan should allow her to wake up in a secret place, where she would then leave to meet up with Romeo. But young Romeo does not know about Juliet's plan because the person who was supposed to inform him does not find him. Certain about the death of Juliet, Romeo leaves for the funeral, with the only aim of joining his beloved, at least in death. In the Capulet's crypt he drinks the poison and falls into Juliet's arms, who is still asleep. Once awake, Juliet finds the most bitter of surprises. The pain is so great that she decides to take her own life. The mourning of the two youngsters stops the hostility between the two families.

"For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo"
(Act 5, scene III, Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare)

If the film festival entitled "Schermi d'amore" makes you experience, each year, a contested love story on film, Verona becomes the ideal theater to experience this live. You start out from the house of Romeo, in via delle Arche Scaligere, to follow the young man to the house of his beloved Juliet, in via Cappello. Here, from the balcony, there is always Juliet waiting from him. You then finish the experience of this tragedy in the crypt under the cloister of San Francesco al Corso, where her tomb is located.
Broken hearts may write to Juliet. She will read all the letters and try to give comfort to difficult and contested love stories. For years the Club of Juliet carries this out as well. It is an association that gathers together love letters from all over the world and promotes a literary award and other events tied to strong and mysterious feelings.


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