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Guide of Saint Petersburg, Russia

Author: Alexkon

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Saint Petersburg Nearby, Russia

Peterhof and Lomonosov, the summer residences of the Czars
Absolute musts for a stay a St. Petersburg are the Castle of Peterhof and the Castle of Lomonosov, among the most beautiful summer residences of the Czars in the areas surrounding the historic capital. They are 30 kilometers away from St. Petersburg, and with 8 km. between them. We suggest going to Peterhof first, taking subway line 1; exit at the Terminus of the line and continue on bus K404 (or by hydrofoil on the Neva), then from Lomonosov it can be reached by taxi.

Castle of Peterhof

The summer residence of the Czars for two centuries, in the heart of an enormous park, this is an ecstatic vision of palaces, gardens and fountains (don’t miss the Great Cascade). Ordered built by Peter the Great, who wanted a Versailles of the North, and revisited by Elizabeth at the hand of architect Rastrelli, Peterhof is a splendid example of architecture, art and city planning.

Castle of Lomonosov
The castle has kept its fascination and art intact since 1760, remaining immune from all of the wars and the vicissitudes of St. Petersburg and of Russia. This is true particularly of the Chinese palace, built by Rinaldi for Catherine II. Lomonosov is located 8 kilometers from Peterhof, and was one of the summer residences of the Czars. It is also a complex of parks and palaces.


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Download Guide Saint Petersburg:
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