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Piran Eating And Drinking, Slovenia

In Piran, walk along the shore that leads to Punta Madonna to find a long stream of restaurants overlooking the sea, routinely crowded by hearty eaters. Avoiding the first touristy and more expensive spots, head for the ones in the nearby May 1 Square, less showy and cheaper but serving the same quality cuisine. Service is excellent all over and restaurants remain open all day in the summer to give you the chance to sit and eat non-stop from noon to about 10:30 PM.

Fish is a must in Piran! Come ready to find a simple cuisine, drizzled with olive oil to preserve the inebriating flavors. Sea bass, bream and turbot appear on every table along with mouth-watering fried shrimp and calamari which we also suggest you try grilled. Don't forget to try the mussels "alla busara", fish soup and seafood risotto that exalt the quality and freshness of your food.

If you don't like fish, the Slovenian cuisine provides a delicious meat alternative. Always tender, savory, often flavored with a spicy pepper-based sauce, it is a staple in the national diet: ribs, grilled sausages, chops, pork shins with vegetables and cutlets are just some of the variations on the harmonious culinary symphony which proposes the famous čevapčiči, tasty and spicy meatballs, a classic in these parts.

Cured ham, cut thick and service with delicious three-flour bread, Piran's specialty, ideal when accompanied by red wine like Teran or the legendary white Malvasia, light but with body, refreshing in the summer. Local beer is always fragrant. Side dishes are excellent and include potatoes, cheese and vegetables in season.

The worthy end to a Piranese lunch includes the classic palacinca - delightful omelette filled with jam and chocolate - and the alcoholic temptation of local grappa, with pleasant and persistent aromas. Strudel, puff pastry and apples, home made cakes and ice cream are also scrumptious!


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Download Guide Piran:
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