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Granada Eating And Drinking, Spain

Andalusian cuisine is rich in strong flavors, a product of the availability of numerous Arab spices and the local produce of a generous land between the sea and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The low temperatures of the mountainous areas give rise to a cuisine high in calorie content, like game and dishes such as the Olla de San Antón - with pork, dry horse beans, rice and fennel - and the Tortilla de Sacromonte, an exquisite specialty based on meat.

Granada’s most characteristic product is the Jamón de Trevélez, cured ham from special porcine farms that enjoy the favorable environmental conditions of high altitudes; each type of sausage produced in these parts has a very particular flavor and is eaten only with fried eggs, goat cheese and potatoes.

If you go to the sea, you will be fascinated with the fish from the Costa del Sol. Simple courses with the defined flavors of sea bass and sea bream, sea food and the white shrimp from Motril, this cuisine welcomes all the characteristic shades of the Mediterranean. The littoral shows an abundance of subtropical fruit crops; favored by mild weather, mangoes, avocados and chirimoya (custard apple) dress Andalusian tables with their vivacious aromas.     

Tapas. They are snacks that bring together the characteristic flavors of the local cuisine. They are served together with beer or wine; they are almost always free and represent a valid alternative to an informal lunch or a meal before a nice evening of amusement. However, the saying ‘andar de tapeo’  (going for tapas) has a precise meaning: it is the expectation of a quiet walk through the historic downtown, socializing and tasting delicious snacks at bars, with include patatas a lo pobre (poor man’s potatoes), breaded fish and meat skewers. 

The famous gazpacho is a raw vegetable soup served cold - with ice cubes! - ideal for the Summer months, refreshing and often spicy. There are about 60 different versions, variations of the traditional preparation that includes bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and the inevitable stale bread to make it creamy. 


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