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Author: Patronato provincial de Granada

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Granada, Spain

Granada, a jewel suspended between East and West

Granada is the capital of Andalusia, an enchanting place and one of the most suggestive of Spanish cities. Between the Sierra Nevada and the Tropical Coast, Granada is dominated by the architectural complex of the Alhambra, a spectacular reminder of its most shining period under Arab rule.

Old university seat and multicultural center, Granada is a modern city that enjoys mild weather and is surrounded by plentiful green areas; given its splendid marriage between art and Nature, it was declared ‘Cultural World Patrimony’ by Unesco.  

Youthful and pervaded by a euphoric, contagious atmosphere, Granada has an extraordinary cultural vitality, overflowing with prestigious events, a characteristic that has made it a favored rendezvous and source of inspiration for poets, writers and musicians.

A trip to discover Granada will leave special memories in both the mind and the heart, images and sensations that bloom with the passage of time, giving precious, unforgettable emotions.  


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Download Guide Granada:
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Tourist information

Tourist Office of the Andalusia Council

Santa Ana, 2

Granada - 18009

Telephone +0034 958 575 202  

Fax +0034 958 575 203

Municipal Tourist Welcome Center

Virgen Blanca, 9

Granada - 18071

Telephone +0034 902 405 045 

Fax +0034 958 536 973

Tourist Information Office

Plaza Mariana Pineda, 10 bajo

Granada - 18009

Telephone +0034 958 247 128 

Fax +0034 958 247 127


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