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Granada Tips On Where To Stay, Spain

It's easy to find hotels in Granada since it provides numerous lodgings  including hotels, apartments and hostels providing a place to stay for thousands of university students from all over the world.

Prices vary like in every city according to location. You can find accommodations and rooms just outside the city center without spending too much, probably the most intelligent solution if you're staying in Granada in the summer and spend most of your time outdoors discovering this magnificent city.

You'll have no problem if your looking for classic accommodations at more or less luxury hotels: Granada is also popular with more mature tourists who enjoy the convenience and comfort of a more expensive vacation.

Especially original accommodations have been popular with tourists in the province of Granada at the Case Cove. The Guadix, El Marquesado and Sacromonte areas host accommodations created by the caves, environmentally friendly in line with the unique Andalusa architectural tradition.  

May is the period that attracts most tourists to Granada but we suggest you take advantage of the many last minute deals at other times of the year, with truly convenient combinations from every standpoint.


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