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Seville, Spain

As if in a dream, Seville takes you through an emotional path, in a charming corner of Andalusia where history has left its mark and the present lives in an effervescent modernity that makes this city one of the main economic, financial and cultural centers of southern Spain.  

Seville is one of the most popular destinations for foreign visitors, seduced by the charm of the irresistible interweaving of the gothic design of its majestic cathedral, the splendor of its Baroque architecture and the inevitable presence of Arabic elements, a bright trace of the ancient Almohad dynasty.  

Once in Seville, get to its heart and let yourself wander through the small streets that preserve its romantic, dreamy soul, treat yourself to nights that drip with flamenco, cerveza and plenty of joy, at a tapas bar or in the modern pubs of the Island of Cartuja.

Seville is rich with gardens and green spaces, is fun for children with the extraordinary Isla Magica theme park, and will charm adults with its churches, museums and galleries that are home to the highest level of the most famous contemporary artists.

Visits to the royal palaces of Alcazar, the famous tower of the Giralda or Barrio Santa Cruz are moments you never forget, along with an afternoon at the bullfights or a day spent wandering among boutiques and artisan shops, for a quality shopping experience that is accessible to anyone.

Don't miss Holy Week or the Fiesta de Abril, important celebrations that show the true face of Seville, a city that transmits a vibrant and engaging vibe for vacation filled with pure emotion


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Download Guide Seville:
PDF to print and bind

Spain Basic Info

Area504,782 sq km
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Time ZoneGMT+1
Daylight Savinglast Sunday in March-last Sunday in October
Official languagesSpanish
Other languagesCatalan
ReligionRoman Catholic 72%
Country Dialing Code+34
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Electricity230V 50Hz
Electric PlugEuroplug
Compulsory vaccinationsnone


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