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Guide of London, United Kingdom

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London Eating And Drinking, United Kingdom


Even if the British have never been very famous for their cuisine, London is in no way inferior to the great gourmet capitals of the world, actually it gives you the privilege of taking a culinary journey around the world by moving just a few kilometers. There has been a real explosion of the culinary offering in London over the past few decades and the city currently boasts around 9,000 restaurants with cuisine from every country. Even the best chefs work in London, dictating worldwide culinary trends. Even the less noble British cuisine has undergone a significant transformation and today gastropubs and fusion cuisine, or modern British cuisine are very popular and have managed to take food from all over the world and make it their own.

Each area of London offers all types of restaurants: the greatest concentration is in the center of the city in the Soho and Covent Garden quarters, with a 360° gastronomic offering. Some areas- even in outlying areas - specialize in certain types of cuisine. Indian cuisine can be found in Southall and Wembley (West London) or Brick Lane in the East End (inexpensive). Many of the Chinese restaurants are found in Chinatown (Soho) and Queensway (Bayswater), while Hoxton and Shoreditch are famous for offering the more wholesome Vietnamese cuisine. To soak up Turkish atmosphere a trip to Islington is required; the tastes and spices of the Middle East are best experienced on Edgware Road (Paddington). Brixton and Golders Green have always been known as the home to the Caribbean and Jewish communities, respectively.



Traditional British cuisine

It is based primarily on beef, pork or lamb and is normally served with special sauces like Worcester or mint sauce and boiled vegetables as a side dish.


One of the highlights of English cuisine


The best loved drink of all the British


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Download Guide London:
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