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Adrogue, Argentina

Situated in Almirante Brown county ("El Partido"), Adrogue is a beautiful area of Gran Buenos Aires, the southern tip of Argentina's cosmopolitan and vibrant capital. In the 1800s, Adrogue was a picturesque rural town on the countryside, a destination for the country's elite and wealthy, who spent their summers at their beautiful estancias.

Today, with nearly 30,000 residents, Adrogue stands out as a posh residential neighborhood known for its cobblestone streets, leafy trees and thriving financial sector, which numerous businesses, banking institutions and gourmet restaurants call home. Adrogue is an enclave where modernity and heritage coexist harmoniously. The neighborhood's architectural juxtapositions are apparent everywhere - from the now buildings that have sprouted in recent years to the older, carefully preserved sites that give Adrogue its undeniable charm. Life here is relaxed and friendly, due largely in part to the town's amicable locals and shop and restaurant owners. There's plenty of variety when it comes to shopping thanks to retailers who offer items not found anywhere else in the city of Buenos Aires.

Visitors looking for a true taste of Argentine life can't go wrong with Adrogue's historic and cultural leisure options.


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