A special day in Taormina


Taormina walking guide: Morning

Our itinerary starts with a breakfast of granita al caffè (iced coffee with whipped cream) and sweetbreads: a must in Taormina as well as necessary to get the energy needed to go through this Taormina walking tour.

Let’s begin the route from Piazza Sant’ Antonio, where Corso Umberto I, the street that crosses the whole town, begins. From there you can go to the Badia Vecchia on foot, a building-fortress that dates back to the 14th century, home to the Archaeological Museum of Taormina (that we recommend you visit some other time). Now head towards the Cathedral, where you can see the pretty fountain, built around 1600, as well as the Church. Go back to Corso Umberto I and walk along until you get to Piazza 9 Aprile, a very charming place that opens onto the view of the sea. The square contains the Torre dell’Orologio (Clock Tower), the Church of San Giuseppe, high upon a stairway, and the Church of Sant’Agostino, with the annexed convent.

Time for lunch already? There are lots of restaurants along the staircases that look down onto Corso Umberto I: choose one that you like to relax a while, and taste some typical Taormina food. Try a dish with swordfish, cooked by the experienced, creative Taormina chefs. Don’t worry about calorie-counting, Sicilian food is generally very light, especially fish dishes.

Taormina walking guide: Afternoon

After being suitably refreshed, walk through the remaining part of Corso Umberto I as far as Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. Next to the square is the Odeon, a small theater built for the Emperor Octavian. Via Teatro Greco starts off in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele: walk along it and after 500 meters, you will come upon the Greek Theater, the main landmark of Taormina. This amazing view will stay with you forever. This ancient theater, surrounded by such wonderful scenery, nestling in the mountains, will enchant you into standing and contemplating the incredible view: the sapphire-colored sea, Etna, and the city.

After contemplating this true wonder, trace your steps back along Via Teatro Greco until you see the tree-lined staircase of Via Timoleone on your left. Go down it and then walk along Via Jallia Bassia, Via del Ginnasio and Via Bagnoli Croce. At one point you will catch sight of the beautiful Villa Comunale, surrounded by the Trevelyan Gardens; there you will see rare plants and a series of “Victorian follies”, eccentric constructions that were built by the original, and just as eccentric, former owner.

Taormina walking guide: Evening

Now is the time to concentrate on society life, that is never missing in Taormina. After an aperitif in one of the coffee-shops in the center, choose one of the many restaurants in Taormina and allow yourself to try a whole Sicilian menu, from the hors d’oeuvres to the sweet, all washed down with a good local wine. After dinner, you may choose to spend the night in one of the elegant clubs in the town, sipping a cocktail on the beach under the moonlight.

After getting to know Taormina, do you really want to leave? If you have changed your mind and want to stay a little longer in this wonderful place, you can always book another night in the hotel in Taormina of your choice!