Why rely only on Online Agencies (OTA) for your reservations?

Wisen up! Don't bet on a single strategy to sell your rooms but take advantage of the throng of direct bookings to stay independent and increase your profits!

How does work?

The portal, dedicated exclusively to supporting the direct sales of Italian accommodation facilities, was created to bring qualified business to the Official Sites of registered Hotels.

Registration allows you to publish your facility's profile, it is completely free and you can switch to the Membership plan at any time to gain greater visibility.

Travellers inclined to book directly can then search by destination and choose to book your facility directly from your website and from your Online Booking.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

Thanks to the Membership plan, you will have the opportunity to further qualify the presence of your hotel in the portal:

  • making your profile more attractive to the traveller by adding more photos and contents
  • giving them visibility boosts in the search results of your destination
  • using the 0% Brand, to be added onto your Official Website in order to show that your facility is prone to direct dialogue with the traveler and direct booking
  • highlighting that on your Official Website you offer portal users a discounted rate that can be booked with the promo code #NOZIO
  • benefiting from our Marketing activities through social channels and the newsletter dedicated to travellers

Always included in the Membership plan:

  • we will activate Nozio Sites for free, the platform to create your new Website!
  • you will have the opportunity of participating in our annual Masterclasses

Finally, Membership will allow you to access a reserved list for the activation of one of the following services: 

  • Nozio Digital Advertising Packages, advertising campaigns to choose amongst Light, Essential or Premium
  • Nozio V2R, Online Reservation System
  • Nozio Wolf, Business Intelligence Platform


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  • Profile with personal data and link to your Official Website
  • NozioGallery
  • NozioWall (area dedicated to an ad to encourage direct booking)
  • 0% Brand on your profile and priority in search results
  • Use of the 0% Brand on your Official Website
  • Use of the Promocode #NOZIO on your booking engine
  • Mention of your facility on 1 newsletter /year to Nozio Travellers 
  • Mention of your structure on 1 social post/year on Nozio Travel profiles
  • Reserved access to the On-line Masterclass (Collective Consulting) organised by Nozio
  • Free activation of Nozio Sites, Platform to create your Website*
  • Access to a reserved price list on the activation of an additional service purchased


  • 1 pic


  • 20 pics


*The fee provided for publishing the website will be quoted separately and is not intended to be included in the Membership Plan