Eating And Drinking in Sorrento


The sea the washes the coast of the peninsula is particularly generous. Fish and crustaceans are the star attractions, and are used by local chefs to prepare delicious dishes: lobster boiled on its own or cooked with tomatoes, octopus casserole, shrimp sautéed or fried lightly in breadcrumbs, spider crab soup.

As a first course, let's not forget the famous gnocchi alla sorrentina, made with tomato sauce, basil and mouth-watering fiordilatte mozzarella, which, in Sorrento, is braided.

All dishes are neatly finished off with a dash of the characteristically sweet-tasting extra virgin olive oil, produced from olives grown in this area.

In Sorrento restaurants you will fine wines ranging from red Sorrento to Gragnano, all of which are produced from vines cultivated in the many terraced vineyards of the region.

One of the gastronomical symbols of Sorrento is limoncello, a delicious digestive liqueur made from the infusion of Sorrento lemon peel in pure alcohol. Another typical liqueur is nocino, made from Sorrento walnuts and coffee beans.