Naples: a special day


In this “hasty” itinerary we have deliberately neglected the Neapolitan museums: visits to the Archeological Museum and the Capodimonte Museum would take several hours each. It is better to get a feel of the city by walking its streets, admiring its monuments and the interiors of its superb churches. We are sure that you will be enchanted by this city and that you will want to come back again to spend more time here.

One piece of advice: if you decided to get around by taxi, never tell the taxi driver you are in a hurry. He is capable of committing the most terrifying actions to keep you happy!

Naples walking guide: Morning

Our one day itinerary starts from the Naples Cathedral, or Duomo as it is called: the wonderful Cathedral of San Gennaro that houses the relics of the city’s patron saint. From the Cathedral you can walk to Via San Gregorio Armeno, the street famous for its Neapolitan nativity scenes, and where you can visit the beautiful Monastery and Cloisters inside that bear the same name as the street. A short distance away, either on foot or by taxi, there is another holy building that you really wouldn’t want to miss: the Church of Gesù Nuovo, with its luxurious interiors inlaid with semi-precious stones. Via Toledo, in the heart of the Quartieri Spagnoli begins near the church.

While you are walking along this street, why don’t you choose one of the restaurants in Naples there and stop for a welcome break. Try a pasta dish: filling but not too heavy. There are lots you can choose from: from the classic maccheroni with tomato and basil sauce or spaghetti with clams or “alla puttanesca”. In the winter, we suggest you try one of the tasty fish soups that are a traditional part of Neapolitan cuisine.

Naples walking guide: Afternoon

At the end of Via Toledo you will find the entrance to the splendid Galleria Umberto I on your left, a building that reminds you of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. A short distance from the Galleria you can see the Teatro San Carlo, one of the oldest in Europe and the fantastic Palazzo Reale surrounded by its beautiful gardens. Here you could stop off for a rest at the Caffè Gambrinus in Piazza Trieste e Trento (just near there), a historical Neapolitan bar where you can try a "tazzuttella" of real coffee in a sophisticated nineteenth-century atmosphere.

After taking a quick look at the charming Piazza Plebiscito, carry on with your tour, going to the monument the Maschio Angioino, next to the Royal Palace.

If you still have time you can go to visit the amazing Castel dell'Ovo by taxi or by bus and admire the wonderful view of the city and the Bay of Naples from there.

Naples walking guide: Evening

What is the best way to end a fantastic, busy day discovering Neapolitan culture? Going for a pizza of course! Choose one of the restaurants in Naples recommended in our guide and enjoy this simple but tasty work of art. After dinner, try a cocktail in one of the wine bars in Naples. And then what? Who knows where you will end your evening: in Naples anything is possible!