Sorrento Coast: beaches and nature reserves


A fascinating itinerary on the trail of the natural beauty and maritime splendor of the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast. Sandy beaches, crystal-clear seawater, rocky coastlines and charming marinas: take time to discover these extraordinary places that seem timeless and ultramodern at the same time. For enthusiasts of marine life, diving centers operate in all seasons, with snorkeling and scuba equipment.

Punta Campanella Marine Reserve

Punta Campanella is a protected area stretching for 30km and includes several municipalities from Massa Lubrense to Vico Equense. The Marine Reserve unfolds along the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula, taking in lush headland and rocky inlets. Places to visit include the Bay of Ieranto, with its tiny islets and Li Galli, where mermaids tried to entice Ulysses with their song. This is a great place for diving and for discovering the natural marine habitat of the "land of the mermaids".

Vietri sul mare

This town is just 3km from Salerno, the provincial capital. Overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, Vietri sul mare is a kind of terrace at the center of which rises San Liberatore mountain. Marina di Vietri, with its wide beaches and clear blue sea, stretches out at the feet of Vietri. Don't miss the 17th century Saint John the Baptist Cathedral, with its great majolica-tiled dome.

The Emerald Grotto

It is one of the natural marvels of the coast. The Emerald Grotto is not far from Amalfi in the municipality of Conca dei Marini. The water's distinctive emerald color is caused by water from the Tyrrhenian Sea, entering and partly filling the grotto, through a crevice linked to a 12m channel leading straight into the sea. A showcase of stalactites and stalagmites of all sizes can be seen in the grotto.

Marina Grande Beach

Pastel-colored houses which contrast with the bright blue of the sky, and the deep blue of the sea; beach lined neatly with brightly colored cabins. Marina Grande is bursting with vitality. It is the ideal place to relax and have fun for hours on end.

Queen Joan's Baths (Bagni di Regina Giovanna)

This part of the coast is in the cape of Sorrento, a few kilometers from Sorrento itself. According to legend, the Bagni di Regina Giovanna take their name from Queen Joan II of Anjou (15th century), who loved bathing in this stretch of blue sea. Not far from the baths you can see the remains of an aristocratic Villa overlooking the sea, which dates back to the 1st century AD.