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Modena Eating And Drinking, Italy

Appetizers, first courses, second courses, side dishes, desserts, cheese, fruit and liquor. Each part of the meal can be accompanied by the unmistakable flavor of products from Modena, whose quality is strictly monitored.
Prosciutto from Modena is excellent company for an appetizer or second course while the famous balsamic vinegar can be sprinkled on everything, even fruit. The crescentina or tigella Parmigiano-Reggiano is emblematic of Italy, a cheese with ancient origins and universally renowned flavor. Its production area includes Modena. Tortellini and lambrusco wine from Modena are a hard to resist duo. The same can be said for Vignola cherries, the stars of May and June.
Modena sweets are not well-known but you should try the bensone, before sipping an excellent digestive liquor, Modena walnut liquor, with its intense walnut flavor.

Modena balsamic vinegar

The universal condiment.

Lambrusco di Modena

The sparkling red wine preferred by the Modenesi


Parmigiano Reggiano Day VIII, Tale three of Boccaccio's Decameron, 1348-1353 "... a mountain of grated Parmigiano cheese whereon dwelt people, who did nothing else but make pasta and ravioli, boiling them in broth of capons, and afterward hurled them all about, to whosoever ...

Cold cuts and lunch meats

"Everything but the squeal"
Popular saying
The pig is a symbol of the entire area, a true local economic motor.

Tigella and fried gnocco

Tigella and fried gnocco are age-old traditions with Modena families...


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