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Author: Comune di Modena Turismo

Modena Museums And Galleries, Italy

V.le Vittorio Veneto, 5
closed Mondays

Francesco III d'Este played a key role in important reforms in Modena in the 1700s. He influenced the city's urban aspect and had this palazzo built. Named the "Albergo dei Poveri", the building houses young talents with little economic potential. The paintings from the Galleria Estense left at court were transferred here after the reckless sale held by Francesco III to fill his coffers.
In 1881, the building became property of the town of Modena, that enhanced it with numerous collections, hosting, in addition to what remained of the precious Galleria Estense, the Ethnological Archeological Civic Museum, the Civic Art Museum, the Estense and Roman Lapidarian Museum, the Estense Library, the Town Historic Archives, the Graziosi Plaster Casts Museum and the Renaissance Museum.

Via Giardini, 160
open daily

Giuseppe Panini was not only a great businessman, creator of the legendary editions of the Panini picture cards, sold and distributed to millions throughout the world. He was also a relentless collector of photographs, postcards, prints and accordions. His photograph and print collection is priceless. It is now housed in the photography museum named after him.
The museum offers three interpretations of the collection: one, a historic-social view, whose purpose is to illustrate Italian life from 1870 to today, the second, a historic-scientific one whose purpose is to explore photographic techniques at the dawn of the digital era and the third, the photographers' view, which intends to represent Italian and international photographic heritage through temporary exhibits.
The museum houses an extensive library and provides various visitor services. Here you can also have you old photographs restored.


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