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Ustica, Italy

Fans of the sea and of diving should not miss a trip to Ustica, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled islands of the Mediterranean, which surfaced a million years ago as part of a powerful submarine volcano.

Although the volcano is extinct today, Ustica, in contrast, is teeming with life, especially on its seabed. The majority of the coast is part of the Regional Marine Park, attracting underwater species from around the world. Its clear and limpid waters host the richest marine ecosystem in the Mediterranean, thanks to the particular currents carrying plankton from the Atlantic to Ustica.

Transportation to Ustica

Ustica can be reached from Palermo by Siremar hydrofoil or ferry.
Call Center 892 123 (daily hours 9am – 8pm except holidays) From cell phones or abroad +39.081.8449297. E-mail:

Attractions in Ustica

  • The town and its murals: Ustica is a picturesque town of colorful houses forming a semicircle around the port in an alley masterpiece enlivened by the vivid murals executed from the '70’s to today. The streets converge toward the central Piazza Umberto, the “living room” of the island, where people gather in the evening, upon returning from diving, to exchange stories and experiences.
  • The Santa Maria tower houses the Archeological Museum of Ustica. It preserves the remains of the prehistoric village of the Faraglioni and Hellenistic-Romans.
  • The prehistoric village of the Faraglioni contains the ruins of approximately 200 circular dwellings dating from the Bronze Age.

Ustica Marine Preserve

is the true attraction of Ustica. The particular conformation of the volcanic seabeds hosts an extremely rich life; at just a few meters depth, a parade of tranquil and undisturbed underwater species passes before your eyes: seabream and flathead mullet, black sea bass and bass, scorpion fish and brown meagre or splendid examples of wreckfish. The Scoglio del Medico reef and the shallows Secca della Colombara, are considered among the most beautiful diving spots in the Mediterranean.

The Marine Preserve Welcome Center is located at the Umberto I square, providing information on the attractions of the Preserve.

The Spalmatore tower, on the other side of Ustica, hosts the Educational Center of the Preserve. Inside, you can see underwater films and visit the Library of the Sea and the scientific research laboratory.

Sea grottoes: many grottoes along the rocky coasts of Ustica can be reached by boat (fishermen organize guided tours). The Grotta Azzurra, the famous Grotta Segreta and many others will amaze you with their kaleidoscopic colors.


International Underwater Activities Convention: it takes place in June and includes meetings, events, thematic film evenings, photographic exhibits and the presentation of the Tridente d'Oro (Golden Trident) prize and the Ustica Awards.

Souvenirs: Bring home a gastronomical memory with the delicious small lentils of Ustica, raised in volcanic soil. Ricotta sweets are excellent, as are the almond paste, oil preserves and jams, especially from prickly pears.


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