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Author: Jörg Weingrill

Caorle, Italy

Caorle's history goes back to the first millennium B.C. In Roman times Caorle acted as a natural port supplying nearby Julia Concordia. The depredations of Attila the Hun in Italy drove the peoples of Venetia and Friuli to take refuge in these safe havens and the present town was probably founded in 452 A.D.

Today, Caorle offers the visitor an attractive picture, both when viewed from the land and from the sea. Its cylindrical 12th-century bell tower and the old Romanesque cathedral can be seen nestling against the delightful cliff top whilst the large old fishermen's town that runs along it offers houses in lively pastel shades, "calli" or Venetian alleys and sunny "campielli" or little squares. These attractions are unique to this area and have made this Venetian coastown renowned worldwide.

At Caorle and Porto S. Margherita the 15km beach perfectly caters for all the holidaymaker's needs. Here we find sunbeds and sunshades, cabins and showers, first aid stations and restaurants as well as hotels and boarding houses of all the different rating, camping sites, holiday villages an self catering accommodation.

The are also shopping centers and traditional shops in town, fashionable boutiques and icecream bars, typical restaurants, pizzerias, discos and sea terraces.

The lagoon is Caorle's great wealth, offering thousands of acres of reed beds and calm stretches of water where nature is still unspoilt. Here and there, the "casoni" can be seen, the traditional fisherman's thatch houses, which are unique historical and architectural records. It is not easy to describe a natural scene in which the only sound is that of the oars or the birds in flight, but this is what Ernest Hemingway did in some of the finest pages of this book "Beyond the river between the trees".

At Caorle, history and tradition meet and reconvene moments from the past. Locals savour their relationship with their cultural heritage in the great Caorlina Festival, or "bragozzi" regattas (Venetian two masted fishing boats). Caorlevivistoria (Caorle's history come alive) and the Fraima Festival are events that evoke a past that inhabitants bring back to life with splendid historical costumes and folklore.


Contents and Images are courtesy of APT Bibione e Caorle


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