The Asiago Plateau: what to do in summer


The Asiago Plateau in summer

The summer season is ideal for enjoying the natural heritage of the Plateau of the Seven Municipalities, which is an excellent alternative to the humid heat of the plains. There are numerous activities that can be performed, but the most popular are undoubtedly the classic excursions on foot or by bicycle: there are many choices dedicated both to families with children and to the most intrepid sportsmen, from those who stop for a weekend to those who decide to linger longer. In this article we propose two itineraries to immerse yourself in the nature and history of the place.

Excursion to the trenches of Monte Cengio

The Plateau of the Seven Municipalities is a true paradise for lovers of both trekking and easier walks, as it offers a vast choice of routes. Summer is the ideal time to immerse yourself in its forests, meadows and valleys, all enriched by the traces left by history.

We suggest this excursion to the trenches of Monte Cengio, a low-difficulty itinerary that passes through the numerous emplacements dug during the First World War. Passing through long, dark tunnels, it is necessary to be equipped with a torch. It takes about two hours to reach the summit, and the general height difference of the route is about 200 metres.

We recommend Piazzale Principe del Piemonte as the starting point, which can be easily reached by car and where there is ample parking. From here starts the dirt track that leads to a first tunnel, the Cannoniera tunnel. The road then continues to La Granatiera, a castling mule track that allowed troops to pass quickly from one sector of the mountain to another in the event of an attack. More tunnels and trenches follow from here, until you reach the last section that climbs to the summit of Monte Cengio, from which you can admire a wonderful view of the Plateau.

Cycling along the Old Railway Road

As an alternative to classic hikes, a popular option are cycling routes. Scattered around the plateau, you can find routes for every level of difficulty, from easy ones suitable for families to more challenging ones.

The 'Strada del Vecchio Trenino' (Old Railway Road) is a cycle and footpath of easy difficulty that follows the route of the old Rocchette - Asiago Railway, which was in operation from 1910 to 1958. The length is about 12 km with an elevation gain of 250 metres.

As a starting point, we recommend the Asiago Ice Stadium, where you can leave your car. The path winds its way around Canove, where you can stop at the Great War Museum, and Cesuna, where you can find an old railway tollgate and an old tunnel carved into the rock, almost 400m long, which can be travelled by bike or on foot. Not far away is a second, shorter but illuminated tunnel.

The last two stages of the route are Treschè Conca and Campiello. Since it is not a loop route, it is necessary to retrace the route to return to the starting point.


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